Saturday, March 9, 2013


So I've been putting this off cause things have been kinda crazy since entering back into my everyday life in TN, but I finally made myself sit down in front of my computer at 4am to write this review. Now just because I put this on the back burner for a few days doesn't mean I'm not exited to do this, that's actually quite the opposite! 

I was contacted a few weeks ago to do a product review and I was immediately interested. I knew a little about the company though another blogger(and real life friend) who had done a review about a month before, but like I always do I went online and did my own research. I always like to know what I'm getting myself into. 

The company is Firmoo, it is an online glasses retailer, they offer a wide variety of eye wear, from reading to fashion to sun glasses.  I currently do not need prescription glasses (although the older I get the more I think I need to go to the eye doctor just in case) but I was very interested in the fashion accept of eyeglasses. I know that it's kinda a trend now to wear those big nerdy looking glasses but not to sound conceited but I actually think I look cute in normal glasses (and hubby agrees).  I had "fake" glasses before, they were actually a friends that I "borrowed" and never returned but they were definitely not the same quality as Firmoo glasses are. 

I fell in love with the company and the website, it was easy to navigate and see ALL the glasses I had to choose from. I first started looking at this amazing deal they offer for their new customers. You can choose from a collection of glasses for free for your first order. I though this was a really cool idea for people to try out some new glasses. And speaking of trying out new glasses, my favorite part of the whole site was their virtual "makeover", you can upload a photo of yourself and virtually try on any pair of glasses. I loved this part because I never buy glasses (or really anything) online before, I'm just one of those people who needs to see what it looks like on. So I narrowed it down to the shape I wanted and size and ended up deciding between two different frames. I have pictures of the two put the quality is really bad so you'll just have to go their site and see for yourself just how good cool it is.

I ended up getting model #SD2267, and I love them. I knew I wanted square frames cause my face is more round and I immediately saw these and knew they were the right choice. I have pretty much worn them every day since I've had them. I will definitely be ordering more in the future. And I think I've talked hubby into ordering his from Firmoo too!

Me with my new glasses on. It's not the best pic,
 will be uploading a better quality one once I can find my USB cord to my camera!

The one negative thing I have about my whole experience is the shipping. I was really concerned with it shipping from China how long it was going to take because I was going to be in Ga for two weeks but the FAQ were helpful with that. It still almost took 2 weeks to ship and I barely got them before I left ( I did end up shipping them to my parent) I was tracking them like a crazy person because I was so anxious to get them.

I will also be uploading a video review on my Youtube channel soon (again once I can find my USB cord)

Thanks Y'all

Friday, February 1, 2013

New Lipsticks

I went to Walmart with J Wednesday, I actually went to get the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation but they didn't have it. So I ended up swatching a lot of the new lipstick color they have out now. I can't remember all the name but most of them were Myabelline. Two of them are the new Vivids in Socking Coral and Fuchsia Flash. Some of the other colors are the new Whispers also by Maybelline, they are sheer but very pigmented colors. ( Faint For Fuchsia) and a couple of their 14hr Lipsticks.

 I was looking for a coral color but when I put the Socking Coral on it slowly turned pink on me so I ended up with Vivids Vibrant Mandarin, which was the perfect color. I've never done orange before but I loved it! Thanks to Zoe for the inspiration.

24hrs later and you can still see one of the reds, It is Hot by CoverGirl which is Taylor Swifts "Signature" Red. (I can't stand TS but Hot is a beautiful color)

Thursday, January 31, 2013


Well I was wanting to do a Outfit of the Day (OOTD) post yesterday but for some reason my phone's camera is sucking lately along with the horrible lighting in my bathroom, I couldn't get a a decent picture. So I'm sitting here at my desk contemplating if I want to put up these horrible picture.So WTH I think I'll edit them in instagram so you can't tell how yellow the lights make me look and post anyway cause I looked pretty cute yesterday if I do say so myself!

Old Navy Gray T-shirt, Old Navy Black Razorback Tank, Lane Bryant Jeans, Black Ballet Flats, (I've worn off the brand but I got them from Rack Room) Scarf my mom picked up in NC, Key Necklace from Kay.
OPI Lincoln Park After Dark on my Nails.
Makeup: MaryKay ~  Face: Matte Foundation, Pressed Powder, Blush in Citrus Bloom, Bronzer in Golden Cooper. Eyes: Honey Spice and Chocolate Kiss. Black Pencil Liner and Black Ultimate Mascara. Sienna Eyeshadow to fill in Brows
Lipstick: Maybelline Color Sensational Vivds in Vibrant Mandrian. (more on that later) It looks kinda red in this picture but it's actually a very pretty orange color.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Little About Me

Since this is my Beauty Blog I figured I start off this new adventure with a little QandA so you can get to know me a little

blush or bronzer - Blush, cause I look dead without a little color on my cheek
lip gloss or lipstick - Gloss, I like the shine and I stain easily with lipstick
eye liner or mascara - Mascara, I use to never wear eye liner anyway
foundation or concealer - Foundation, it cover pretty much everything for me
neutral or color eye shadow - I've been on a neutral kick lately
pressed or loose eye shadows - Pressed, I make a mess with loose
brushes or sponges - Brushes, it's all I use

OPI or china glaze - I like both but I own more OPI
long or short - I usually keep mine short because if I try to grow them they just end up breaking
acrylic or natural - Natural 
brights or darks - I wear darks except in the summer I wear nude
flower or no flower - I haven't gotten a flower since I was in High School.

perfume or body splash - Perfume, I'm switching between MK Dance To Life and Armani Acqua Di Gioia.
lotion or body butter  - Lotion
body wash or soap - Body Wash, soap is too drying
lush or other bath company - I've been dying to try Lush, I usually use whatever I can get my hands on at the time

jeans or sweat pants - Around the house is sweats but if I go out it's always Jeans
long sleeve or short - Short
dresses or skirts - Dress, I only own one skirt
stripes or plaid - Plaid, cause Hubby loves it, I don't really wear either
 flip flops or sandals  - Sandals, they are just a classier flip flop
scarves or hats - This one is hard, I don't think I can choose
studs or dangly earrings  - Studs, I'm always afraid I'm going to get dangly ones caught on something necklaces or bracelets  - Necklaces, I hate things on my wrist
heels or flats  - Love heels but wear more flats
cowboy boots or riding boots - I'm a country girl at heart, COWGIRL!
jacket or hoodie  - Jacket, I'm terrified about taking off hoodies in public if I get hot.
forever 21 or charlotte russe  - Neither
abercombie or Hollister- Neither, hate them both
saks 5th or nordstrom- Neither

curly or straight - Curly but with a iron
bun or ponytail - Ponytail but only cause my hair won't go into a bun
bobby pins or butterfly clips - Booby pins for sure
hair spray or gel - Hate gel but hair spray never stays in my hair
long or short - looks better short but I'm currently growing in long
light or dark - Dark hands down even though I'm naturally a blonde
side sweep bangs or full bangs - Side always!
up or down - looks better down but I constantly have it up

rain or shine - It just rained for about a week straight here so I'm over it, but it's usually Rain
summer or winter - This is hard cause I love summer activities, the lake and vacation, but I hate being hot.
fall or spring - FALL- bonfires, jackets, my anniversary and The SEC!
chocolate or vanilla - Chocolate
east coast or west coast - East Baby! ATL